frid ger

im fridge i like to draw


cartoons i like old cartoon network and hana barbara shows.

hihi puffy amiyumi-ppg-fosters imaginary home for imaginary friends-the oblongs-my life as a teenage robot-and ruby gloom- ill probably draw some fanarts soon


i dont dislike that many things i think?

i dont like johnny test.

extra stuff!

i like cooler colors because they dont stress my eyes but when im coloring (something serious) i like to use warm background colors (if not white)

my favorite colors are green and blue

i use paint tool sai,painter, or drawpile depending on what im drawing/who im drawing something for/ how im feeling

more extra stuff

i wanna buy a bjork tee or either get a vetements hoodie/shirt...

recently i had a realization moment that if i buy a balenci vetments or chrome tee its gonna be waaaay to big and baggy on me cause im short :(